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With over 10 years experience as a website designer, Corinne Fisher founded Purely Digital Marketing to help local companies to take over their online market. Online marketing can be a scary thing to take on and can get very expensive. We are here to help you as a business owner/decision maker to establish the right marketing plan and strategy. With an online dashboard and reporting in real time, our clients always know what is going on behind the scenes and results that our campaigns are achieving. Website design is just one piece of your online marketing strategy. We want to make sure that your website is not simply taking up space online, but that you are driving traffic and making conversions. We want to bring your business to the top in Google, help you make more online sales and generate leads.


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Let us give you some free marketing advice – customer research is a MUST! Most of our clients think they know who their customer is, but they’ve never actually conducted real, in depth customer research and identified who their frequent buyers/patrons are as a person. We aren’t talking demographics here. Knowing if they are male/female, what age they are and where they live is simply the basics. What does their day to day look like? What are their fears, hobbies, family dynamic, careers? Who are they? This is where we start as your marketing agency. We won’t build your website without this information and we won’t start a marketing campaign without it either.


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