Increasing Appointments Booked for Local Businesses

We use proven digital marketing strategies to drive more traffic, increase phone calls, convert your website visitors and increase revenue!

Get More Calls From Real Clients

Our clients rank higher in Google Maps. Resulting in a HUGE increase in phone calls and booked appointments.

Increased Phone Calls by 800%

Directly led to 250 new service calls and unit installs

Increased New Patient Sign Ups by Over 80/Month

In all 3 locations for this chiropractor

Increased New Appointments booked by 30/Month


Based in Palm Coast, FL, Serving Clients Nationwide

Purely Digital Marketing provides strategic solutions for many industries including home inspectors, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, hair salons, estheticians, chiropractors, mortgage loan originators and more. Upon the initial consultation, we will work to develop a strategy that matches with your goals and budget and will ensure the greatest return for your investment.

We are a team of dedicated and specialized local SEO strategists, website designers, Facebook advertisers and marketing gurus. We are based in Palm Coast, FL and serve clients nationwide.

Home Service Professionals

Providing marketing and SEO for home inspectors, HVAC, general contractors, plumbers and more.

Medical and Holistic

We work closely with chiropractors, nutritionists, dentists and more to get more appointments booked with our successful marketing and SEO services.

Beauty Professionals

We consistently get more appointments booked for hair salons and estheticians with marketing strategies that work.

Who We Are

Purely Digital Marketing is founded by Corinne Fisher. With over 10 years experience in marketing, she knows first hand what it takes to launch a small business forward in today’s world of digital marketing. We have worked with brand new businesses and seasoned companies to increase phone calls, generate qualified leads and boost the bottom line time and time again. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Every business is different and requires a strategic approach to ensure we put the right marketing strategy in place. With so many “free” resources out there, it can become very confusing and cumbersome to ensure you are making the right decision for your business.


Schedule a free strategy session with us today to see what the next steps should be for your local business.

Our Services

Websites that Convert

Facebook and Instagram Ads

 Google Maps Takeover

Reputation Management

Where to Begin…

Let us give you some free marketing advice – customer research is a MUST! Most of our clients think they know who their customer is, but they’ve never actually conducted real, in depth customer research and identified who their frequent buyers/patrons are as a person. We aren’t talking demographics here. Knowing if they are male/female, what age they are and where they live is simply the basics. What does their day to day look like? What are their fears, hobbies, family dynamic, careers? Who are they? This is where we start as your marketing agency. We won’t build your website without this information and we won’t start a marketing campaign without it either.


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